This is the first year that I have stayed in Lincoln for the fourth. The last couple years I have gone to small towns, and they know how to celebrate. Usually I am in Hooper, watching parades, eating cotton candy, enjoying family. A couple years ago I went to Creighton/Neligh/Norfolk – very similar, but add in pigs and mud.

My favorite thing about the 4th of July in years past has been going home for my neighborhood’s display, which is surprisingly impressive. They hire a band to play. They have a wall of fire. In the morning, there is a parade consisting of 1 month olds in strollers to 13 year olds, decked out in red, white and blue and riding their decorated bikes down the middle of the neighborhood.

This year, I did nothing.

Today was the first day since the beginning of June which I had 100% control over what I wanted to do. I had intentions of major house updates – either staining the fence, painting one of four rooms, or shampooing my carpet. While I didn’t do any of those, it felt great to upack the three suitcases on the floor, and do some general touch-ups and clean-ups.

In short: I slept in, and got things in order.

I later went to a movie with my roommate and his friend. What else would we see on the Fourth of July – Magic Mike. Haha, it was exactly what I expected it to be, but was entertaining. Immediately after I went to work, and have been working like a manic since.

The booms have started going off, which is probably why I suddenly can’t work any more. I’ve turned off the lights and am typing by monitor light as I catch an occasional firework go off over the skyline. Honestly, I’m able to see more from my office window than I could or would even try to at home.

I’ve come to realize that being single, more often than not, means no one cares. You are no longer anyone’s primary go-to person, and no one is obligated to go to you. I have lots of friends that I am constantly in touch with and am their first friend, but I’m always #2 for breaking news in their life.

It’s not bad. It’s freedom.

Happy Independence Day.


Author: Clarissa A.

The older I get, the less I know.

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