My Tarot Card Reading

Great band to listen to on a road trip!

Torah? Taroh? Torat? Torot? I still had to Google it to know what they are called.

Last week on my roadtrip to the south, I spent 2.5 days in New Orleans. Loved the city, and already ready to go back and explore.

One of Nina’s “I really want to” was to go to a fortune teller. New Orleans is infamous for Voodoo and lingering spirits.

The first night, we pasted a dark park that had two tables set up. We decided to take a chance and sat at the only table with a reader. He was a fairly young guy, complete with dreads and a black hat. There were incense burning, and several candles on the table. His voice was smooth and whimsical.

He invited us to put our hands on the velvet that was laid across the heated table, and explained what Tarot cards are: they are a reading of what has happened in your past, what is going on in your present, and what will come in your future. It is not destiny, just what to expect if you remain on your current path.

Handing his deck to me, I struggled to shuffle the well-worn cards once. He maintained a subtle grin on his face the entire reading , while maintaining eye contact always a little longer than made me comfortable.

My past
– I have gained the ability to look at the world and the people in it with a much larger scope than many have.
– I often am trying to help people. I see the chaos others are going through, and try to help them because of my larger view. They will only take help if they want it.
– I have gone through significant changes in my life. As he put it, “sometimes you flick a spider’s web, and it bounces back. Sometimes it only takes one point of it to break to cause the whole thing to come crashing down.” My web fell down, and I’ve recently rebuilt it.

My Present (this is already getting foggy in my mind)
– I surround myself with close friends. I feel complete.
– I am taking a break from a lot of things in my life.
– I’m spending a lot of time evaluating myself, and things around me.

My Future
– He asks me if I’m getting married soon. When I laugh and say no, he says, “well, we don’t always know what’s in store for us.” Not that I’ll be married, but in the next six months I will be with the person I will stay with.
– I will be happiest if I remind myself of what I want most. Otherwise, I will fall back into the same place I was. Repeated: Remind yourself of what you want most.

I was skeptical. I could see how most people could convince themselves they fit those cards.

Then he read Nina’s.

I won’t detail her reading, that is her story to tell. I will say, he said things that her and I had talked about on the ride down. He made exceptions for cards to fit her life before even showing us what they were.

On the walk to a bar to calm after, we both confessed there was no way we could have fit ourselves into the others reading. There were things he said to me that she had to stare at me wit “yeah, exactly” on her mind, and I did the same for her. There was one point in time when he was verbally arguing with what she was thinking in her mind. He nailed both of our readings – past and present.

I’ve said before, I love to love. I’ve tried to shift my focus to other areas of my life, but I’m best at being with someone. My reading was based almost completely on my relationships and friendships in the past and future.

So what? Is destiny controlled? Is there anything I can change based on this?

Not really. Given the last 24 hours, maybe it was a short-hand notice to remind myself of my goals.

Maybe it’s a warning to make sure I stay on the right track over the next couple months.

My last couple blogs have been about coincidences. I think I need to find a stronger word for that, because coincidences just doesn’t seem to fit any more. Regardless, I wasn’t blown away that he could read me so clearly.

There are much stronger powers at work. I’m very interested in what the next six months will bring.


Author: Clarissa A.

The older I get, the less I know.

One thought on “My Tarot Card Reading”

  1. I’m still amazed by that reading. And you are right, he was arguing with me even when I wasn’t saying anything. He knew exactly what I was thinking. I don’t know how he related what he did to my life. I know he can read people but some of the things he said to me you can’t just guess. I think for you too! Good time and Im ready to go back!

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