The end.

Well friends, I think this will be my last post for a while. When I started blogging several months ago, I was rebuilding myself, and questioning a lot of things in my life. Some people referred to my blog as “therapy sessions,” and being “brutally honest.” Thanks to all who cared enough to follow along.

Writing this has become more of a chore now, and I haven’t really written anything I’ve really loved for some time. I figured I will just quit while I’m a head and begin focusing my energy elsewhere.

I will probably hide this shortly after January, so savor the posts while you still have time.

In light of the upcoming celebration of 2012 ending, here is my cliche “look back” at my ups (lord knows I wouldn’t put my downs on here):


  • It is standard for our office to celebrate the holidays after they pass. We generally have all our venues rented for other businesses during this time. Last January was no exception. We also had a nice night out at Barrymore’s after…. …
  • I made my first-ever venture to Avoca for the annual duck races. With a couple coolers and lawn-chairs in tow, our group claimed our spot front and center for the show. I also saw random ticket guy here. He’s so random!
  • We were just beginning to meet with our agency for the website redesign. One of the biggest projects I’ve tackled at my job.


  • Nina’s birthday! I don’t remember a ton about this after we got to her house (Funions?), but I do remember how terrible I felt at Lauren’s bridal shower the next day.
  • I took part in my first experience hiring someone for a full-time position.
  • The big snowstorm that hit was pretty fun! I really think I like shoveling snow.


  • Officially hired for my additional part-time job. Not sure if this was really a high, but it did keep me under control on the weekends.
  • Lauren had her bachlorette party in downtown Omaha. Shenanigans included street corner musicians, rallying puking, dancing on fire bars, and rooftop to the rooftop party. “I’m going to be Mrs. Murrrurrerrrerr!”
  • Went to the Slowdown with Nina to watch G. Love! So many jokes from that night I can’t even start. “I’m just glad I didn’t have to lick his hand!” “Bitchin’ Harmonica.”
  • Mike & Lauren’s wedding was beautiful, and I’m so happy I was able to help. I was sick this weekend, so once I got back to the hotel, I slept in the bathtub because I couldn’t stop coughing and didn’t want to wake everyone up. I woke up to Todd coming in. So much about that weekend makes me reflect on how much has changed since March!


This was the month from hell. NOTHING good happened. Maybe DOOMSDAY, but the ups from that night were outweighed by the downs. I guess all the stress led to me running between 5 and 7 miles every day, which I was pretty proud of. When people asked what my motivation was, my response – “It’s the only thing I have control over and that makes sense right now.”I did stay with one of my best friends for two weeks. Roomie run!!

Oh, and this was the month Jack locked himself in the bathroom at Jenny’s, which is pretty funny looking back.

As I posted on 4/22 “Some day, I will look back and just have to laugh.” That day is today!


  • CANADA roadtrip! Complete with naps in parks, Canadian hockey, nearly getting kicked out of customs, Free Shit Trucks, and the Black Keys! We went to the “World-Famous” (count it?) Palamino, and survived! “Are you from the states? Are you 18?”
  • Finally got to go see a Fiddle Championship. We got there a little late, but know how to make anytime fun. 🙂
  • I also finished 5th in a MarioKart64 tournament out of 24!


  • Went to my first Testicle Festival. I don’t think the regulars liked us playing horse races.
  • I was relieved of my weekend job. AND I didn’t get fired!
  • Went to State College for the Big Ten Alumni Relations Institute Conference. I got to see my sister, if only for a night.
  • Attended the wedding of one of my few high school friends I still talk to. Was good to see him with his match!
  • Never thought I would ever see Boyz II Men in concert, but I did in June!


  • As part of my transition in 2012, I was refinancing my house to have only myself as the owner. My good friend Zach moved in, which eased so many of my worries about affording everything.
  • Finally launched the website, though this didn’t mean my crazy hours ended for a while.
  • Went to Kansas City for a girls weekend with Jenny. Remember we had to stop about every 30 minutes on the drive home?
  • I joined, which was a big step for me to put myself back out into the dating world.
  • Went tubing down the Niobrara with Ashley. Definitely could have been better conditions (under 100 degrees and without a giant fire approaching), but still very fun!
  • Went to my first horse races in Lincoln. Though, I didn’t win anything.


  • The beginning of the “DRAGON”! I can’t believe we started that 3 months ago!
  • Czech Days. I love weird things like this, so I’m very glad I went. I don’t know what else to say, other than I don’t know if I will ever go again! One of those weekends you are happy only happens once a year.
  • Saw one of my favorite bands for the second time in Omaha – Trampled by Turtles. Had a wonderful conversation with Suz on the way home.
  • First concert at the Pinewood Bowl – Mumford and Sons with Nina and Jenny. “I’m down.” “Don’t get up until she honks three times!”
  • I started my map project, which tracks every road I’ve been on. It looks great in my office, too!


  • G. Love part duex. Not nearly as fun as the first time, but we did manage to steal booze.
  • I took my friend to her first Husker game. Tailgating in general was really fun this year, even if we did have to take naps a couple times. “If we haven’t heard from them yet, they are either drunk, or sleeping.”
  • Lindsey’s wedding festivities were in full-swing. Even though her bachlorette party didn’t go as most assumed, things worked out for the best!


  • Went to Columbus, OH for work to cheer on the Huskers. One of the things that helps me keep my sanity in the fall.
  • One of my best friends got married, and I was part of the wedding. I also helped her gather and prep that weekend, which means a lot that I was able to be there for her. I remember the first conversations we had about them getting married, so many years ago!


  • Nina and I decided to drive the southeast. Probably one of the best roadtrips I have ever taken! We made the majority of our stops to roadside attractions. It makes your soul happy to see so many weird things that were setup “just because.” New Orleans was also wonderful.
  • Fakesgiving, as expected!
  • Survived the annual bus trip/traveling tailgate which much less embarrassment that last year. At least until we got back downtown.
  • I voted, for the first time in my life. Go a head, judge. I have my reasons.
  • I was able to finally get out to see my grandpa and relatives in Davenport, IA. It has been almost two years since I’d made that drive! My brother and his wife announced they are pregnant, so in 2013 I will be an aunt.


  • Eliminated all the green rooms in my house. Hopefully i will be able to paint the downstairs bathroom and eliminate all the blue-grey rooms too!
  • Today (12/14), which is one of the most highly anticipated days of 2012 for me!
  • Celebrated being at my job for three years. I am approaching this being the longest job I’ve held!
  • I’m looking forward to seeing my brother, sister, and theirs this holiday season. I honestly would be ecstatic for another giant snowstorm to hit on Christmas (let’s just hope everyone gets into town before).

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The older I get, the less I know.

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