Mid-week review at Mayo

I intended to keep this updated daily, but some internet connection issues prevented this. Here’s a snapshot of what’s happened so far.

Day One – Monday
Mostly just determining a starting point. We talked in depth with an attending nurse about my history up to this point. She made contact with other doctors who could better answer our questions, we talked with the department head as well. I heard more times than I can count, “your colon is not your friend right now.” Well, it’s mine and I’m a very forgiving person.

Then their scheduling assistant shared what my next couple days would entail (later to find out some appointments were missing). Some of my files from Nebraska didn’t make it up here, so their staff was going to work on retrieving those so their staff could re-review samples, numbers, and images.

The remainder of the day was testing: blood work, x-rays, and EKGs. I had a follow-up colonoscopy scheduled for the next day, so I had to switch to a liquid diet for the remainder of the day.


Day Two – Tuesday
Colonoscopy day.

Everything went as usual for a colonoscopy, until the doctor came in. After reviewing the notes in my file, she wanted a more “complex” doctor to do a new procedure that required a bigger room and more expertise. Although I was grateful for their honesty and willingness to seek out the best possible person for my situation, I was wheeled into the recovery room for a 45 minute waiting time until both the new doctor and room opened. Quite a long time when there is nothing to look at or do to stay occupied rather than lay in my bed and stare at walls.

This new procedure (which my GI in Lincoln referred to as “coming in a couple years”) entails spraying my colon with a blue dye, which makes it easier for them to look closely at my colon. The next 24 hours of passing food was… colorful.

I slept off the anesthesia until 4:30 that night.


Day Three – Wednesday
No appointments were scheduled this day, or Thursday until 4pm.

We took the day to drive a small circuit around Rochester, mostly to see my favorites – road side attractions!

When our adventure was coming to a close, I received a call confirming my appointment for 3:30 on Thursday and notifying me I missed my appointment with an internal medicine doctor that morning which I had never heard of. Long story short, no once called to tell me this, and I was advised to check-in to Mayo early Thursday in case someone didn’t show up for their appointment, which brings me to….


Day Four – Thursday
Checked in at 7:15, though the doctors I need to see don’t arrive until noon. We are camped out in the back of the waiting area, since we don’t have anything to do anyway.

We’re hoping my 3:30 appointment will cover all the tests and provide results and their interpretation of what’s going on. My 4:00 is with a surgeon. They won’t schedule my alternative medicine appointment until after I meet with him. Hoping they can get me in on a tight turn-around.


Author: Clarissa A.

The older I get, the less I know.

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