Back to Nebraska

This morning was got on the road at 9:30. Hannah and Liz will also departed to head back to Pennsylvania.

The surgery last week went well. I can’t believe it’s almost been a week already. They tried to dismiss me from the hospital on Friday, but I wasn’t ready. On Saturday I moved back to the hotel, and spent the weekend resting up.

Yesterday was much harder physically than anticipated. I had a morning meeting with my surgeon as a final follow up, then a meeting with my stoma nurse.

In the afternoon we met with a endocrinologist to discuss proactive actions for fertility. Things way beyond my normal realm if thinking.

When we get back to Nebraska, I will be staying at my parents for several weeks, then starting chemotherapy after 3-5 weeks. They discovered that while the tumor was contained within the colon, some of the cells escaped and made it into and through my lymph nodes (I think of them as vessels that carry water and waste from the colon, kind of like blood vessels).

They have classified my cancer as stage 3. The good news is that out of 120 lymph nodes they checked, only 4 had cancer cells, so it’s still early.

I think I’m becoming more accepting of all this going on. It’s becoming more of a mind shift from, “I was sick and it will take a bit to get back on track,” to “this is a fight and a lifestyle change.” At least for a while.


Author: Clarissa A.

The older I get, the less I know.

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