A Day in the Life

A lot of people ask me what my normal day consists of since I’ve been home the last three weeks. It’s nothing outside the norm, really…

I wake up and go to my fabulous office on UNL campus. Although my office can get a little messy, it’s my home away from home. Notice my standing desk to the left. I built it myself!

Mondays we have our “one on one” meetings with our supervisors, I meet with my intern.ryan one on one

Throughout the day, I am lucky to be able to work with many of my friends.
WashburnSONY DSC AlexBrooke

Not all my meetings are in the Wick Alumni Center. Sometimes meetings are off campus.

Many times with my colleagues at the University of Nebraska Foundation.

The Alumni Association has two facilities, so I spend quite a bit of time at the Nebraska Champions Club, especially in the fall.

On special days, we get to head over to Memorial Stadium…to

And on really fun days we get to do tours with alums.

Other days, I get to help out with other programs like student recruitment.sswelcome

The fun doesn’t stop after 5pm. There are often fun events on campus, like Jazz in June.

Regardless, it’s always nice to be able to relax after a long day at work.

Which, sometimes, leads you to places you’d never expect to find yourself.

Huge thanks to my colleagues at NAA for keeping me involved while I’ve been out!!

My days now really aren’t that eventful. It’s a balance of doing things for me to keep me sane (like blogging, watching motivational videos and movies), and working to feel prepared and ready for the next six months (like reading the continuous flow of books I order from Amazon, and reviewing information packets we took at Mayo. We now have a “library” or resources). My aunt stayed with me this week while my parents went back to work, and we cooked many meals that I can freeze and heat up when needed.

I go on a lot of short walks. I try to clean up around the house. Showering takes longer than it did before. We have dinner, and then usually friends, neighbors, or family will stop by for the night to visit.

I will be driving (yes me, driving my own car) back to Lincoln on Saturday, and returning to Omaha on Sunday. I still have some prepping I need to do around my house, and do some preemptive grocery shopping and cooking at home. Next week I plan to work remotely part time.

I have my initial meeting with my oncologist Monday afternoon. We are hoping she will give us her timeline for treatment, as well as potential side-effects, and other things to expect. This will help me plan for the next six months. Should be a big meeting!


Author: Clarissa A.

The older I get, the less I know.

One thought on “A Day in the Life”

  1. Hi Clarissa

    I’m Julie, Jessica’s Mom. I think she told you a little about my experience. I hope you will call or email me if you have questions or just need to talk. Jessica said that you asked about chemo. Hopefully Chemo will not be as difficult for you as it was for me. I had a lot of problems with my treatments. I am one of 2% of the population, that is missing an enzyme. It is difficult for your body to tolerate the chemo without this enzyme.

    Here is what I can tell you. Do get a cute short haircut. You will probably lose about 1/3 of your hair. You will notice more than anyone else. And don’t worry it comes back just as thick as it was before. Your healthy diet will help.

    Immediately after the treatment is when the side effects hit you the most. Each day it gets a little better and just when you start feeling good, you go in for another treatment. Side effects for me included nausea (ginger pills really help – use them – you need to eat to keep up your strength and lean mass), weakness (you will be tired. I would sleep through my treatments), and neuropathy in your hands and feet (I still have numbness in my feet). You may want to research things that can help. I did try some natural path thing. It helped a little.

    I pray that your chemo will go well. You should still be able to work. I did work until I got too sick. I only got through half the treatments, so I am unsure of my chances of getting cancer somewhere else. I’m sure you were told all the statistics.

    When I did return to work I took it slow and listened to my body. It sounds like you are very active and fit. Yoga will not only help with the stress, it will help you keep some strength. A lot of cancer centers offer yoga classes for their patients. Your daily walks will also help. Remember to take it easy, build slowly and listen to your body.

    It sounds like you have a great support system. That will help you more than anything, as well as your positive attitude.

    I still do everything I love to do. I teach fitness classes (yoga, water, step, toning), run, swim, and hike. I am thankful for everyday I can do the things I missed when I was so sick. You are right, God knows how strong you are! I will be praying for you.

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