Chemo 1/12

Yesterday was my first cycle of chemotherapy. Many times I was asked if I was nervous or scared. I really wasn’t. I didn’t allow myself time to think about it that much. I had a date, time, location, so all other details tbd once treatment started.

As has been the trend the last week or so, I stayed very busy. When I realized I would have downtime or too much time by myself, I recruited friends and family to run errands, get ice cream, go to whatever random event I could find.

Too much time to think right now leads to worrying. As Nina tells me, “worrying is like a rocking chair. It’s good to pass time but doesn’t get you anywhere.”

Overall, treatment went fine. I wish I could log how much time I’ve already spent in waiting rooms.

I planned on the morning being quick, and napping most of it. I stayed up late the night before, which again backfired on me.

It was just doctor after nurse, specialist and pharmacist into my room all day. I was trained on giving myself daily injections, which I proudly did my first today. I’m fairly trained on removing my port after my 48-hour drip, but decided I was too tired to fully comprehend the instructions. Walgreens home care will be at my parents house at 1:05 tomorrow to unhook me and retrain.

My treatment was ready to begin around 12:30 when my port cream had absorbed and numbed the area (I had hoped to be home by this time). First was a flush, then I think an anti-nausea drip. When it was time for the chemo drugs, my nurse had to suit up in a full gown and gloves to protect her from any leaks. Another nurse always double checks the prescriptions are correct, then it’s go time. Once treatment started, it felt like a whole lot of nothing. The few times before treatment when my mid did wander to a bad place or I mistakenly ended up on a blog, I envisioned chemo being two hours of liquid fire running through my body. This is why I didn’t let myself worry. Although, I was warned my first couple cycles might not be so bad.

While i was waiting, my mom and her friend brought me back lunch from the cafeteria. She gave me a pedicure. I had to run to the bathroom several times from all my water intake. Before I knew it they we hooking me up to my new bag, Fernando, and sending me out the door.

Later that night I noticed my cold sensitivity already developing. I tried eating applesauce, and the sensation was only comparable to eating pop rocks. Unusual. I tried to drink some cool water that night and could feel some sharp pains in my throat, so we now have gallons of water sitting out to get to room temperature before I can drink it.

I woke up this morning a little nauseous, but my prescriptions took are of that. I even was able to stomach a substantial breakfast of egg and spinach quiche and toast.

Other than that, I’m mostly sleeping and laying in bed. Fernando is a little awkward to maneuver around, and I’m still receiving treatment until tomorrow, so I’m trying not to overdo things. If things don’t get worse, these next few months should be a breeze!


Author: Clarissa A.

The older I get, the less I know.

3 thoughts on “Chemo 1/12”

  1. Yous sound very sensible, Claire, and have a healthy attitude. I think you will be fine. 🙂 I smiled to see you have named your drip buddy! Katie did too, i cannot think of the name right now.

  2. Congratulations on your first day of chemo. I’ll bet it feels good to be ‘doing’ something about cancer. Sitting around and waiting is the worst! I did name my IV pole (which I was bound to for 33 days straight during my first hospital stay). Tobias was his name. And we had a love-hate relationship…. Keep us posted on how you’re feeling. And know that we are all fighting right along side of you.

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