Chemo 2/12

Yesterday I completed round two of chemo. I was much more prepared and didn’t purposefully try to exhaust myself prior. I’m in such a good mood I even made some of my blogs from last year public again. Enjoy!

I want to appreciate yesterday before my nausea and fatigue fully sinks in. It’s 4am so my time is limited. I just tried to eat some cheese-its but could only get through half a snack pack.

I was transferred to the offices at village point. Newer, private rooms, closer to home, closer parking (and we didn’t get a ticket) than the Nebraska Medical Center downtown.

My doctor eased some of my fears after reading an article about plateauing survival rates of young adults vs children and adults –

We talked a little about post-chemo follow ups which didn’t ease my fears, but I will deal with it when I get there. Mostly she is concerned with too frequently giving me ct scans since I’m so young. In 30 years I might develop other complications from too much exposure to radiation now.

Any way, once they got me to my room my mom ran over to Paradise Bakery and got lunch for the two if us plus my pastor from Omaha. My mom had secretly arranged for him to come without telling me.

We expected him to stay for just a little bit, but he stayed for the entire 2.5 hour cycle. I couldn’t believe it was 2:30 when the nurse came in to unhook me.

I also brought my “chemo” blanket which was mailed to me from my former high school youth group advisor who now lives in Arizona. It’s small and just fits over my lap, but does wonders to brighten up the bland white hospital blankets.

Since I wasn’t exhausted after treatment, so my parents and I went downtown to the med center to a one hour Cancer Survivorship Program which covered how to read food labels.

Then we went to my parents regular Tuesday night routine – the Slowdown for the Science Cafe. This months topic was sleep disorders.

It was just good to get out one last time before these next couple days, and I did it with Fernando in tow.

I have friends lined up to come see me the next couple days to hopefully keep me away from getting sulky. I registered to go to a session this afternoon – Look Good, Feel Better, which helps women learn to deal with potential appearance and physical changes with everything from hair loss, applying sensitive makeup and dry skin. I’m a little nervous about lasting two hours.

I think it helps a ton to keep plans lined up so I have things to look forward to. I i even purposefully moved plans back to my recovery week so I can hit the ground running next week.

As a follow up to Bennie, I made it four days without a leak and I got to control when I changed him! My skin under the adhesive had healed completely. The seal was tighter, and a lot of my skin close to my stoma had healed over. Unfortunately it wasn’t tight enough so there was quite a bit if blood from the skin immediately around it. I honestly am unsure if I can do much better, it might just be something I have to deal with for the next six months.


Author: Clarissa A.

The older I get, the less I know.

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