I can’t believe how quickly these six months are going. Time is relative, it moves much quicker in the fall. Trying to get through these six months in winter or spring may have yielded a different attitude.

I just finished an article about the high suicide rates of young adults between 17 and 40. It’s a lot to handle, I believe it. Thinking back to the beginning of June, hearing my final diagnosis, making calls between various doctors, insurance and clinics while recovering from a major surgery and trying to answer questions I could only ask myself, it’s a lot to manage. Especially given the little to no symptoms I was having.

Suddenly I was facing survival rates and long term medical concerns. Stress was off the charts.

Overall, the journey hasn’t been to bad. It’s hard not to already get reminiscent when there is only three rounds left. I will probably end up doing them all in Omaha. Between lining up with holidays and pre-scheduled doctors visits, it’s just easier for me and my parents to have me up there.

We talked about my follow-ups and “what comes next” before this round with my doctor.

She recommends waiting at least four weeks after my last cycle before having my second surgery. This allows for all by blood counts to rebound and for my body to be back in a place that I’m strong enough to recover. My mom wants me to wait longer. My last round is the week of Christmas so I’m probably looking at the end of February to head back up to mayo to have it completed.

I can’t wait. I’m done with having irregular pants and avoiding foods I love, like pineapple, sushi, beer, and so many fresh fruits and veggies. I want to wear jeans again and normal dress pants. I’m tired of hot flashes and being constantly woken up by my own body what seems like every hour the week of treatments.

After that, I will have blood work done every three months and a checkin with my doc, and a ct scan every year for the next 3-7 years. Colon cancer spreads slowly, so she thinks this will be an appropriate balance between surveillance and my age.

The one choice my doctor said is really up to me is when I have my chest port taken out. I’m thinking I might leave it in for awhile. It’s not hurting anything, the only maintenance needed is having it flushed at the hospital to avoid clots from forming. If there every is a reoccurrence, I would need it put back in if I had it taken out. This way I’d be avoiding two more surgeries, if need be.

Oh, and I really can’t wait to be done with my shots. I’ve backed off a little from doing daily shots, as I was starting to get uncontrollable bloody noses. But several shots a week isn’t fun.

It was a good visit. I can only imagine the next month and a half will fly by. Between my birthday, holidays, concerts and friends, I have a lot to look forward to! Let the countdown begin!


Author: Clarissa A.

The older I get, the less I know.

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