One more.

One more week of laying around with no real sense when the day begins or ends. One more week of icky mouth sensation. One more week away from home and jack the cat. One more round of hauling Fernando around. One more round of Friday morning blood draws. One more round of meds, a couple more weeks of shots.

Just one more. I laugh when I think about how I’ll respond to being back at work full-time. To not have laying on the couch be a norm in my life any more.

My last round is scheduled for Monday, December 23 at 7:30 am in Omaha. I will unplug for good on Christmas Day.

Then what?

I have a ct scan January 6, the last for hopefully a year. Coincidentally, this is exactly two weeks after my last round. Should the scan results return clear, the answer to the most popular question of when I can drink again would be January 7. Though I might cheat and try one on New Year’s Eve. We’ll see.

I’ve requested my second surgery at mayo to be done on February 4. I need to be up there the morning of the third for testing and evaluation. The surgery is quick – only 45 minutes compared to the seven hour surgery the first time.

Two weeks of intense recovery, one month until my body fully adjusts.

April should be a good month.

Then it’s just blood work every three months from there, which is the main reason I’m leaving my port in. It makes it so much easier to get blood out, rather than having nurses dig around in my veins.

Just one more round.


Author: Clarissa A.

The older I get, the less I know.

One thought on “11/12”

  1. so glad we will hear the Cancer be “Gong” bong in just one more week!!..let’s see…. about 10 am Monday Dec 23……if you can’t join …be listening!!!

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