In Memory

Just one week short of exactly one year ago, I’m sitting under the same flowering tree on campus. Last year, I got to campus early to meditate and fully embrace the day ahead. It was the day I knew would forever change my life. It was the day I was diagnosed with cancer.
This year, I sit here, still with mortality on my mind. As much as you can face it down, there are times it will be victor over your peace with it. I have come to terms with the fact that at one point, my body will fail. So will yours. It’s inevitable. Since my diagnosis, I’ve come to view life a as a gift. The most generous one you can get.

To purposefully take that gift from someone else is pure evil.
The month leading up to my diagnosis, I was reading a book to drive me to start living like I was dying. I didn’t finish it: I was dying. But I started living like it too.
This week, I am reminded of that mindset. Each day won’t be the greatest, but I hope I can be conscious to not leave any stone unturned, take every opportunity to be present in this life, and not let any part of it go to waste. It takes a lot of energy, but it also takes discipline to be able to find purpose in every action.
Friends, family: I hope you celebrate every day. Celebrate you are still here. We all dream of long and rich lives, but we don’t have control of the longevity. We can only control how rich our lives are while were here.
Take a chance today and be brave. Your life is as great as you make it, and tomorrow is not a guarantee.


Author: Clarissa A.

The older I get, the less I know.

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