First Descents Founder Nominated as CNN Hero

CNN is hosting a voting competition for ten selected ‘2016 heroes’. The winner’s charity will receive $100,000.

Brad Ludden, the founder of First Descents, which I am currently fundraising for, is one of those top ten. Here’s an exert of his profile, read the whole story here.

In kayaking, a “first descent” is when someone successfully paddles a section of river that no one has ever paddled before.

By the time Brad Ludden was 18 years old, he had attained close to 100 of them.

“Every time you come around a corner, you’re the first person to see it from that perspective,” said Ludden, now 35. “You feel a lot of personal transformation and growth through that process.”Today, Ludden is giving that life-changing experience to young adults with cancer—helping them face down their fears and realize they’re not alone.

“When you’re a young person with cancer, it’s so isolating,” said Ludden, who watched his own aunt battle cancer when she was 38. “All your friends are getting married, having children, starting jobs and living life. Here you are fighting for yours.”

Read the whole story and vote for Brad here.


Author: Clarissa A.

The older I get, the less I know.

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