How You Can Help The Standing Rock Sioux Fight The Dakota Access Pipeline: view the Huffington Posts list. 

I was awake from 2-4 am last night – the second time since Nov. 8 – feeling scared and disheartened for the future climate of the country. The North Dakota Access Pipeline has been weighing heavily on my mind; there’s so much that I should be doing to help but don’t know how.

Does anyone else remember the series of social posts that have moved through our feeds which defended Native Americans earlier this year? Andrew Jackson removed from the $20 due to his actions toward Native Americans, and the sudden out lash at Christopher Columbus Day due to his role in claiming America for white settlers.

These inhumane, unforgivable, and unjust actions are no longer history – they are happening right now. The Access Pipeline a continuation of centuries of European settlers going against their word to Native Americans. Selfishly taking what they want and forgetting their promises. Here’s a USA Today article of the history of this land, the several milestones that have occurred and diminished land promised to this tribe.

I would like to believe that in 2016, our country can respect the promises we’ve made. That we will choose people over profit. Respectability over power.

I look at our upcoming leader, who from what I can tell, is the exact opposite of these qualities. I fear that the outcome of this situation is only a glimpse of the major step backward from the humanitarian progress our country has made. Between the Nazi-like actions and words tied to our president-elect, and this taking and destroying land promised to Native American tribes, I ask again as I had so many times this month, how did we get here?

As we look toward the holiday weekend, please consider the irony of us gathering around to celebrate the settlement of America, as we are continuing to take more and more from the reservations that barely have anything left. As we curl up with our computers or haul armfuls of “good deals”, think about the people sleeping in tents, being soaked in freezing water, fighting for the little they have left as our greed continues to take more. “Our country is so in debt, this will bring jobs”… at what human and moral expense? We look toward thievery to fulfill our “money problems”, on the same day known as the biggest shopping day of the year. Shame on us all.

Consider taking 10-20 minutes out of your day to take action. Click over to their Amazon wish list, which asks for things like gas-masks and mats to sleep on. Make a call to a representative, or simply make a donation.

Read what you can do here – we can all do something.


Author: Clarissa A.

The older I get, the less I know.

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