My 3-Year Scan Results

Wanted to send out a quick post on my CT Scan yesterday. While it wasn’t the good “everything looks great here” conversation that usually happens, I’m trying to keep a rational head.

Several lymph nodes in my pelvic region had increased in size since the last scan. It wasn’t enough to order immediate follow up, but it was concerning enough that they will have me so an MRI in July rather than the standard blood work results.

Sometimes lymph nodes get inflamed when they are fighting an infection or other bad stuff in the budy, so I’m convincing myself that my system is just doing what it’s meant to do to knock out something existing in my body.

From a cancer perspective, often time lymph nodes are the first indicator cancer has spread, as the cancer cells get into the nodes and start growing. So, growing lymph nodes could mean growing cancer.

I’ll simmer on this for a while, if I do start feeling very sick or tired like I’ve experienced in the past, I can ask for a MRI sooner to make sure things aren’t getting out of control.

So, not the best news I was looking for, but nothing life-altering here.

Author: Clarissa A.

The older I get, the less I know.

3 thoughts on “My 3-Year Scan Results”

  1. THE Enforcer, you are exactly correct in visualizing your lymph nodes busy beating up any uninvited scoundrels, which showed up on your scan, as if flexing their lymph muscles 🙂 It must be frustrating for you, though, to not have solid information – relying on the ever annoying “wait and see” approach. I know you will trust your own instincts to guide you through. Have you decided upon which FDX trip to take this year? Can’t wait to hear the details! Much love to you,


  2. Being practical and sensible is not always so easy. I hope you are able to keep your brain in check…. Yes, listen to your body for any other out of the ordinary signs. And here’s to hoping for a definitive, ‘everything looks perfect’ response at your next scan. Think of you often, Claire.

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