FDX Update… 2018!

Hey everyone! It’s been awhile, enough so that people have stopped asking about my trip. So I thought it appropriate to post an update!

In January, a few of the First Descents 2017 trips were posted. There weren’t as many as I was hoping, and the only one I was semi-interested in was to the Northern Italian Alps. I researched the agenda, continued to check the page, and ponder it for about a month. It sounded great, but not as exotic as I would have hoped, and like a trip I could take on my own. Though I couldn’t define exactly where I wanted to go, this one just didn’t quite feel right.

After about a month, with no new trips being posted, I talked myself into signing up for this trip to Italy. I could start planning, and start getting excited. I went to the website to sign up, and it was full!

A little disappointed, a little relieved, and a little panicked, I had to resolve that it might for the best, and something more appropriate would be posted later in the year. I resigned myself back to routinely checking the page for new trips.

A couple weeks later, there were still no new trips posted. But an updated sentence that they are actively planning a trip in 2018 to New Zealand! I jokingly emailed the organization, asking if I could get put on a wait list for this 2018 trip. Sure enough, they have one started!

So, unless something amazing gets added to their 2017 line-up, I’ll be making plans to visit New Zealand in 2018! I’m a little disappointed to not be taking the trip while I’m 30, but get to look forward to it for much longer.

Thank you so much again to everyone who supported me on this goal. It’s truly amazing how much love I’ve felt over the last year!

FD Moab Update

I also want to plug in a link to read about one of my Moab Cancer-Camp friends. She underwent her 3rd(?) brain surgery earlier this month, and her husband and her have been sharing such beautiful posts all week. Check it out here!


Author: Clarissa A.

The older I get, the less I know.

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