About Me

Claire 7-15-14A Nebraska-native, I have lived in Lincoln since 2005. I grew up in Omaha, and frequently return to visit my parents and friends. When I have extra time and money, I like to explore and travel as much as possible. My house is full of people and things I love, including one small and furry roommate with whiskers.

In May 2013, I received the news no one expects to hear in your 20’s: I have cancer. The following month, I had a total colorectomy, but not before some of the cells broke free from my tumor. On June 12, I was diagnosed with stage III colon cancer.

On July 23 I started my first round of chemotherapy, and I unplugged for the last time on Christmas Day of 2013.

In February 2014, I had my take-down surgery.

In March 2014, I returned to “normal life.”

Even though I look like — and am — a 20-something bursting with wry sarcasm and workaholic tendencies, cancer lurks perpetually on the periphery, occasionally roaring to the fore for a cameo. And that may not change before my final curtain call.

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