My 30th Birthday

Thank you!

Moab 2014

Thank you to everyone who celebrated my 30th birthday this year! From donations/gifts from across the country, to those who showed up in person at my party – it was a day of love, gratitude, and humility. I will lean on that day as the scans and tests continue for at least the next two years. Read my post to learn more about what 30 means to me here.

I am happy to announce I hit my fundraising goal for my FDX trip. Thanks to all who supported my effort! If you are still looking to donate directly to First Descents, I’m happy to talk to you more. I will happily take any other donation for my travel costs, see below for more information.

Donate to my travel funds!

Moab 2014

First Descents takes care of the planning, coordination, gear, food, guides, activities, EVERYTHING…. once you get there. All costs to get from home to the destination and back are paid out of pocket. Give to my account here.


Thank you!


2 thoughts on “My 30th Birthday”

  1. Hi! My name is Corey, husband and father of 3. Just read your story and very sorry to hear of your battles! I am a stage 4 non Hodgkins B cell aggressive lymphoma in my liver chest and bone marrow. My neighbor and great friend has ulcer coleatis. He too has a bag, so your story hit home pretty hard! I wish you the best, don’t give up and keep laughing!!!! It helped me. I would love to help in some way please let me know what you need/want!!!
    Corey Hefner

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